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Committee on Benefits Administration


Chair - Luisa Liberatore, Post-Secondary Employers' Association 
Consortium - Dianne Hicks, University of the Fraser Valley
Consortium - Brenda McKay, Vancouver Island University
College Pension Plan Board of Trustees - Kerry Clarke, Selkirk College
Member-At-Large - Rebecca Maurer, Douglas College
Member-At-Large - Margo Kendal, Okanagan College (on leave)
Member-At-Large - Jas Parmar, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (interim)
Senior Financial Administrative Officer - Michael Doyle, Northwest Community College
Senior Financial Administrative Officer - Vacant
Alternate - Yvonne Nelson, College of the Rockies


  • To act as an advisory committee to the Labour Relations Advisory Committee (LRAC) and the PSEA Secretariat on employee benefits issues for faculty, support staff and excluded employees at all member institutions, and to assist in identification and investigation of common areas of concern.
  • To identify benefits issues and trends that may be relevant to collective bargaining, provide advice, and make recommendations to LRAC in support of the collective bargaining process.
  • To provide the four (4) employer representatives on the Joint Committee on Benefits Administration (JCBA) for support and faculty*.

*The JCBA's mandate under the Faculty Common Agreement (Article 9.1) is to undertake jointly with the union(s) tasks related to health and welfare benefits and disability benefits including: 

  1. Comparison and analysis of contract administration and costs, using criteria developed by the committee. 
  2. Monitoring carrier performance including receiving reports from the plan administrator(s).
  3. Reviewing the cost effectiveness and quality of benefit delivery, service, and administration by carriers, including access issues.
  4. Tendering of contracts.


Members of the CBA shall be appointed by the PSEA CEO and will normally be comprised of:

  • a PSEA staff member, who shall also be the employers spokesperson at the JCBA;
  • a PSEA appointee to the College Pension Board of Trustees;
  • two members of the Senior Financial Administrative Officers (SFAO);
  • two members of the BC Colleges and Institutions Benefits Consortium; and
  • two other members from LRAC at large.

The term of appointment shall normally be for a three-year period.  Alternates may attend CBA meetings with the permission of the PSEA CEO and the CBA Chair, on a case by case basis.  Notwithstanding the normal three-year term of appointment, whenever a new Faculty Common Agreement is ratified the PSEA CEO will review the membership of the CBA and appoint new members insofar as they may be required for the employers representation on the JCBA.

Employer members of the JCBA will be appointed from amongst the members of the CBA.  Appointment will be by the PSEA CEO.


The Chair shall be elected for a one-year term (September to August) by the CBA members.


A quorum shall be a simple majority of the members appointed to the CBA.


A summary of the proceedings of the Committee shall be maintained by the PSEA staff.

Tasks & Responsibilities

In addition to and consistent with the statement of purpose above, the tasks and responsibilities of the CBA shall include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Consulting with the employer members of the PSEA
  • Identifying common areas of concern with respect to employee pension and benefits plans
  • Developing and recommending proactive strategies regarding cost savings, cost containment, and plan design improvements where feasible
  • Identifying best practices and emerging trends
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of joint initiatives between interested member employers
  • Assuming a proactive role in preparation for collective bargaining and reporting to the LRAC as appropriate
  • Providing ongoing advice, information and data to member institutions
  • Providing information and advice to LRAC regarding the College Pension Plan and the Municipal Pension Plan.


The PSEA Secretariat under the direction of the PSEA CEO will provide the support necessary to carry out the purposes of the CBA.


The approved expenses incurred in carrying out the purposes of the CBA will be reimbursed by the PSEA at rates prescribed by the Board.