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Human Resources Database Steering Committee


Co-Chair - Kevin Commerford, Post-Secondary Employers' Association 
Faculty Unions - vacant, Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC
Faculty Unions - Janet Seccia, BC Government and Service Employee's Union
Support Staff Unions - Linsay Buss, BC Government and Service Employee's Union 
Support Staff Unions - Ross Idler, Canadian Union of Public Employees                                         Government- vacant, Ministry of Advanced Education
Institutions - vacant, Senior Financial Administrative Officer
Institutions - Hugh Finnamore, Labour Relations Advisory Committee


The Human Resources Database (HRDB) is a decision-making asset consisting of a comprehensive and standardized database of key information on the faculty, support staff, excluded, and student employees of the post-secondary sector.

The HRDB is used to support collective bargaining, budget and resource analysis, government planning and policy decisions, employer financial and human resources strategic planning, and Statistics Canada reporting.

The HRDB has evolved to a comprehensive human resources planning and analysis tool for the Ministry of Advanced Education, (AVED) and the post-secondary sector.

The HRDB reduces reporting requirements for the institutions and provides a useful research database for the following types of information:

  • Demographics
  • Employment type/status
  • Earnings/pay scale
  • Benefits
  • Program/course data
  • FTE workload


The HRDB is governed by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from the Ministry of Advanced Education,(AVED), Post-Secondary Employers' Association (PSEA), Federation of Post-Secondary Educators (FPSE), BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU), Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Senior Financial Administrative Officers (SFAO) and the Labour Relations Advisory Committee (LRAC).


The Committee will be comprised of:

  • one PSEA representative appointed by PSEA CEO
  • one representative appointed from the Ministry of Advanced Education,(AVED)
  • one SFAO appointed by the PSEA CEO
  • one HR member appointed by the PSEA CEO
  • representation from each of the four faculty/staff unions (FPSE, BCGEU faculty, BCGEU support staff & CUPE).

A representative from the Public Sector Employers' Council (PSEC) may attend as an observer.

The unions represented on this committee are included because they are signatories to the 1998-2002 support staff and 2007-2010 faculty common agreement.


The Steering Committee is chaired jointly by the employers and unions.


Under review.


PSEA acts as the secretariat to the committee and is responsible for all meeting arrangements and minutes.

Tasks & Responsibilities

The HRDB Steering Committee develops and approves the project scope, and provides direction and content expertise for the completion of the project deliverables.

PSEA is responsible for managing all aspects of planning, budget, communications, development, administration, production and end-user support for the HRDB project.


PSEA Secretariat acts as support to the committee.


Each union/employer is responsible for the costs of travel for meetings. PSEA, funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education, (AVED), provides for meeting costs.