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Labour Relations Advisory Committee


Chair - Scott Boogemans, Post-Secondary Employers' Association 
Member - Tony Loughran, Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training
Member - John D'Agnolo, Camosun College
Member - Kartik Bharadwa, Capilano University
Member - Ariane Tennant, College of the Rockies
Member - Sherry Chin-Shue, Douglas College
Member - Adrian Tees, Emily Carr University of Art & Design
Member - Cindy Dopson, Justice Institute of British Columbia
Member - Laurie Clancy, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Member - Ken Crewe, North Island College
Member - Sherri Lutz, Northern Lights College
Member - Ashley Nickel, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Member - Stefanie Pellegrino, Coast Mountain College
Member - Christina Kiriakakis, Coast Mountain College
Member - Gillian Henderson, Okanagan College
Member - Stacey Matthews, Selkirk College
Member - Neil Gold (interim), University of the Fraser Valley
Member - Kate Dickerson, Vancouver Community College
Member - Dan VanderSluis, Vancouver Island University
Member - Public Sector Employers' Council


Previously known as the Employers' Bargaining Conference, the change of name better reflects the Committee's functions.

  • To work in collaboration with PSEA staff and to advise the PSEA CEO with respect to the structure and coordination of collective bargaining as well as contract administration within the sector.
  • To research and develop human resource strategies and recommend to the Board of Directors approval of the system's Sectoral Plans and Mandates as required ensuring their implementation.
  • The Committee will prepare the plan for bargaining, if applicable, including recommending bargaining teams and developing objectives, mandates and strategies for the specific common tables to the Board of Directors for ratification.


Members designate a senior human resource or labour relations practitioner to act as its representative on the committee.

The LRAC membership will include a representative from the Ministry of Advanced Education and a representative from Public Sector Employers' Council.

The Committee may seek additional members from Senior Financial Administrative Officer, Senior Educational Services Officers Committee and Senior Instructional Officers Committee. The Committee will select its own Vice-Chair.


The Chair will be the PSEA Executive Director, Labour Relations.


A quorum will be a simple majority of the members appointed to the Committee.


The minutes/reports of the Committee shall be maintained by PSEA.

Tasks & Responsibilities

1. Recommends the Sectoral Plan to the Board of Directors for ratification.

  • Ensures that the Sectoral Plan is consistent with PSEC guidelines.
  • Consults with Employers' Associations of other sectors, as necessary.
  • Oversees implementation of the Sectoral Plan.

2. Recommends collective bargaining objectives for negotiations to the Board of Directors for ratification.

  • Identifies and recommends provincial and collective bargaining issues.
  • Identifies and recommends specific mandates consistent with the Sectoral Plan for both institutional and common bargaining.
  • Develops and recommends a mechanism for implementing provincial bargaining strategy.
  • Recommends provincial bargaining themes and communications strategies.

3. Consults with members of PSEA.


The CEO shall ensure that support is provided to carry out the purposes of the Committee.


The expenses incurred in carrying out the purposes of the Committee shall be reimbursed by the Post-Secondary Employers' Association at rates prescribed by the Board of Directors.