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Standing Committee on Human Resources Practices


Chair - Cindy Dopson, Justice Institute of British Columbia
Vice-Chair - Kartik Bharadwa, Capilano University
Member - Adrian Tees, Emily Carr University of Art & Design
Member - Ariane Tennant, College of the Rockies
Member - Ashley Nickel, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Member - Chris Hudson, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Member - Dan VanderSluis, Vancouver Island University
Member - Evelyn Watt, College of New Caledonia
Member - Gillian Henderson, Okanagan College
Member - John D'Agnolo, Camosun College
Member - Kate Dickerson, Vancouver Community College
Member - Ken Crewe, North Island College
Member - Laurie Clancy, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Member - Kevin Jeske, University of the Fraser Valley
Member - Sherri Lutz, Northern Lights College
Member - Sherry Chin-Shue, Douglas College
Member - Christina Kiriakakis, Coast Mountain College
Member - Stacey Matthews, Selkirk College

Ex-Officio Member - Rebecca Maurer, PSEA CEO


This committee is established pursuant to the Association's Bylaws.

The purpose of the committee is to work in collaboration with PSEA staff to provide the Board with information, insight, and policy recommendations on matters within the mandate of the association as established by the Public Sector Employers' Act, and more specifically:

To anticipate, identify and analyze human resource trends, policy directions and opportunities for the purpose of informing the creation of public policy or sectoral approaches to issues that affect human resources in the college and institute sector.

Annually, establishes objectives and associated plans to fulfill the purpose of the committee as established in bylaw 9.8(a) "The Board shall establish and maintain the Standing Committee on Human Resources Practices and shall set the committee's terms of references and strategic tasks. The purpose of the committee is to work in collaboration with PSEA staff to provide the Board with information, insight and policy recommendations on matters within the mandate of the Association as established by the Public Sector Employers' Act." Identifies macro level policy issues that are of sectoral importance.


Bylaw 9.8(b) states: "Each Member shall designate annually a senior human resource or labour relations practitioner to act as its representative on the committee. Annually, the committee members shall disignate, from amongst themselves, the chairperson and vice chairperson of the committee."

A committee member may not delegate their seat on the committee. Committee members may, from time to time, bring resource people to assist in discussion and deliberations at the discretion of the committee.

The CEO of PSEA is an ex-officio member of the committee.

Chair and Vice-Chair

Annually, the committee members shall elect, from amongst themselves, the chair and vice-chair of the committee. The election will take place each year in conjunction with the PSEA Annual General Meeting.


Minutes of the discussions and transactions of the SCHRP will be recorded at the discretion of the chair and vice-chair and filed with the PSEA as necessary.


As part of the PSEA business plan and budget process, the committee will establish its goals and activities for the year and recommend to the CEO the resources necessary to fulfill the committee's mandate.


Any expenses incurred while carrying out the business of the committee will be at the rates prescribed.


The committee will normally meet quarterly and additionally at the call of the Chair when deemed necessary.


A quorum shall be 50% of the representatives of the PSEA membership institutions.

Voting shall be by 51% of the persons present at a meeting when a vote is needed.

When a quorum is not present at a regular meeting of the SCHRP, at the discretion of the Chair, the meeting may continue as a sub-committee meeting and no voting shall take place.


The committee may establish sub-committees or other working groups to carry out the goals, priorities and plans of the committee.