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PSEA Accreditation

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Wednesday, February 4, 2004
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The PSEA Board of Directors met on January 15, 2004 to discuss changes to the PSEA Constitution and Bylaws due to the Minister of Finance's intention to accredit the PSEA. The Board passed the following motion: "Motion that if the Minister of Finance chooses to change local accreditations to PSEA, the Board of Directors of PSEA recommends that it be done so by legislative means."

The PSEA Board of Directors, at the same meeting, also passed a motion to give 60 days notice that the Constitution and Bylaws of the PSEA be amended by Special Resolution in the format prepared by PSEA's legal counsel, Michael Coady of Harris & Company, and discussed at the meeting.

The Minister of Finance passed Order in Council No. 114 on February 4, 2004 making the PSEA the accredited bargaining agent to the post-secondary sector. The new Constitution and By-laws now in force are posted on the About Us page on our website. The old Constitution and bylaws can now be found on the Board of Directors page of our website.

The Special Meeting of the PSEA Board of Directors is scheduled for March 17, 2004 and at that meeting, the PSEA Board of Directors will be asked to vote on the Special Resolution to strengthen the By-laws to enable the PSEA to meet its accountability as bargaining agent.